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Your Noonday Ambassador is Sara Brinton

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My name is Sara Brinton. I am thrilled to be one of the first Noonday Collection Ambassadors and to bring Noonday’s beautiful, unique jewelry and accessories to the Northwest. I am excited to share Noonday Collection with you!

Being a part of Noonday Collection gives me the opportunity to change the world while helping my friends feel beautiful. Noonday brings together my love for fashion and design with my passion for adoption. I love that by being a Noonday Ambassador I can help other families afford adoption and support orphan care ministries around the world. Together we can make a real difference.

I know you will enjoy browsing the Noonday Collection website, but don’t stop there. Like me on Facebook or follow my blog to receive fashion inspiration and updates on sales. Are you interested in hosting a Noonday Trunk Show to earn free jewelry or to help fundraise for your adoption? Or are you interested in being a Noonday Collection Ambassador? Send me an email or give me a call. I would love to share the Noonday Collection story with you.

My Story

I have always been passionate about changing the world.

As a teenager, I dreamed of working with children in the developing world. Over the last fifteen years, I have had the opportunity to travel to Latin America, Asia and Africa. Through these experiences, I have become aware of how much I have been given and how little I need. Traveling and serving in the developing world have opened my eyes and broken my heart.

As a wife and a mom, I have not always known what to do with my passion for making a difference halfway around the world. When I was just 19, I married my husband Mark. We share a love for adventure and a commitment to helping others. Ten years later, we have embarked on the adventure of parenthood. I am a mom of three growing boys and a baby girl whom we adopted from Uganda. Our family is in the process of adopting a second daughter from Uganda.

I have always loved fashion and design. I plan dates and vacations around going to favorite stores or exotic markets. I enjoy beautiful things. Likewise, I find joy in helping women feel beautiful. But sometimes my love for shopping doesn’t seem to fit with my heart for helping the poor.

Over the last few years, I have been inspired by the growth of businesses dedicated to changing the world through opportunity. I love that by buying a cute pair of shoes, a beautiful necklace or cozy scarf, I can give women half way around the opportunity to go to college or the ability to provide for their families.

When I discovered Noonday Collection, I knew that I had to be involved. I emailed the owner, Jessica, and asked if she would consider letting me sell Noonday’s beautiful products in Seattle.

Around the same time, my husband and I were planning our first trip to Uganda. There we had the opportunity to visit two organizations that sell products through Noonday Collection. We visited the workshop where Sseko Designs makes sandals and straps. We also visited Jalia from Africa Style, who walked us through the slum where she works with women to make beads from recycled paper. Decades of dependence on foreign aid has transformed Uganda into a country where very few products are made for export. That the women working for Sseko and Africa style are crafting beautiful shoes and jewelry and sell them to women in America is miraculous. The impact that these businesses are having on these women and their families is real.